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本文摘要:1. Walking down the street while staring down at your phone回头在街上眼睛却盯着手机If you live in a densely populated city like New York, you know how hard it can be to simply walk to the corner store without being bumped and jostled by 40 different p


1. Walking down the street while staring down at your phone回头在街上眼睛却盯着手机If you live in a densely populated city like New York, you know how hard it can be to simply walk to the corner store without being bumped and jostled by 40 different people. But, hey, that’s life in the big city. What drives people nuts, though, is when they’re walking down the street and the people in front of them decide to stop short because they need to check their latest Snapchat notifications.如果你居住于在像纽约这样人口密集的城市,你就不会告诉哪怕只是回头去街角的商店也有可能先后撞40个有所不同的人。嘿,这就是大城市的生活呀。但让人心碎的是,回头在街上,前面的人忽然停下,只为了看一眼手机上Snapchat(录:一款社交应用于)的新通报。Even worse are the people who slow to a crawl to tap out texts, as people struggle to walk around them. Yahoo Finance’s Dan Roberts says he’ll now continue walking if he sees a texter coming towards him until they either walk into him or are forced to move.更加差劲的是有些人为了边走边发短信,就不会回头得极快,其他行人不能绕着他们回头。

雅虎经济网的丹罗伯茨说道,现在如果他看到迎面而来走过的人正在低头发短信,他不会自由选择直直走,直到看手机的人撞到上或者避免自己。So if you need to use your phone and you’re walking down the sidewalk, just move to the side. Or at the very least, avoid Dan Roberts.所以,如果你走路的时候必须用手机,那么请求贴满道边回头吧,或者,最少忘记避免丹罗伯茨。2. Abusing “reply all” in emails发邮件时欺诈“恢复全部”功能We all have that one person in our offices who unnecessarily clicks “Reply all” in response to mass emails. And that person is the living embodiment of evil. If you need to reply to the person who sent the original message, just click “Reply.” The other 500 people in the message chain don’t need to know that you’re going to miss the budget meeting for a dentist appointment.办公室里总有这样的人,恢复群发邮件时爱人页面“恢复全部”。这种人真是是恶魔化身。

如果你要给发送到完整邮件的人写出写信给,只必须页面“恢复”就好了。群发中牵涉到到的其它五百人并想告诉你因为看牙医将缺席支出会议。3. Sending multiple messages when one will do the trick信息分为很多条发送到While we’re on the topic of email faux pas, you should also refrain from being the person who sends 15 different emails when you can convey everything you need to say in a single message. That goes double for texts and instant messages.在我们辩论邮件问题时,还有一点要忘记,一封邮件可以听完的话不要分为15封来发送到。

而人们在发送到短信和即时消息时,有人可能会放30条。4. Touching someone’s computer screen触碰他人的电脑屏幕This one is particularly close to my heart. If you’re looking over my shoulder at my computer screen and you want to point something out to me, you’re more than welcome to use your finger to point to it. But you better pray you don’t actually touch that monitor, because I will ruin you. What makes you think I’d like your grubby mitts leaving gross fingerprint marks on my pristine display? You know how hard that is to clean? Just keep your hands to yourself.这一条我实在太有动容。你车站在我背后看著我的电脑屏幕,你当然可以用手来指点上面的内容,但最差不要知道遇到我的电脑屏,否则我会只想离去你一顿。你凭什么以为我会不愿让你脏兮兮的手在我崭新的电脑屏上留给恶心的指纹印啊?你告诉把这些痕迹摸整洁有多费劲吗?管好你的手吧。

5. Pulling out your phone while having a one-on-one conversation一对一聊天时拿著手机看I get it — not every conversation you have in life is going to be a riveting exchange of ideas. In fact, most of them will probably be so mindlessly awkward you’ll try to chew through your own tongue just to keep from having to continue speaking.我不懂你,不是每场对话都有思想撞击的动人火花。事实上大多数对话都漫无目的,失望得你恨不得刺穿舌头,这样就不必接着说出了。But that doesn’t mean you should pull out your phone and browse Instagram while the other person is talking. By doing that you’re essentially saying that whatever’s coming out of their face hole is less important than the emoji-laden text you just received from your drunk ex.但这也不代表在对方说出时你可以拿著手机翻Instagram(录:一款社交应用于)。

你如果这么做到,就回应无论对方的嘴里说什么,都不及你醉酒的前男/女友发去的剩是emoji表情的短信最重要。6. Checking your phone or tablet in bed在床上时查阅手机或平板电脑I’m not talking about streaming Netflix or checking Twitter before you get some shuteye. I’m talking about even glancing at your phone or tablet while having “adult relations.” If you’re more interested in what’s happening on social media than what’s going on in your bedroom, you might have a problem.我不是说道你无法在睡前看Netflix上的剧或是上一下推特。我所指的是你在做到那些“成人的事”时就别再行看手机了,如果社交媒体上的动静比床上的事情更加更有你的话,那你可就真为有问题了。7. Talking loudly on a bus, subway or anywhere in public, really在公交、地铁等公共场合大声谈电话So you broke rule number six and you’re officially single again. That doesn’t give you carte blanch to have long, loud conversations about your breakup on the bus. Everyone else is either sitting quietly or trying to sleep. Even the people having conversations are at least trying to whisper. Just because you’re talking into your phone doesn’t mean everyone around you doesn’t hear you.好吧,我告诉因为第六条的原因,你又完全恢复单身了。


但这不代表你就可以在公交上大声打电话叨叨你恋情的事。公交上其他人要么安静地坐着要么就是在睡觉,即便有说出的人他们也都告诉要小声点。你在大声打电话时,别忘了旁边的人都能听到啊!In fact, if you don’t know how to talk on the phone without your voice reaching the decibel level equivalent of a jet engine, you probably shouldn’t be able to talk on the phone, period.事实上,你打电话的声音分贝慢跟上喷气发动机了,如果你不告诉如何掌控音量就不应打电话,嗯,就是这样。

8. Listening to music without headphones外调音乐Look, I’m happy you’ve discovered Zayn Malik’s latest album (I actually don’t care), but do you really have to listen to it on your phone without wearing headphones? I mean, I’m totally willing to let that go when we’re outside, but if we’re on a subway or some other enclosed space it’s a no-go.嘿,我很高兴你讨厌泽恩马利克的近期专辑(只不过我并不关心),但你一定得外调吗?在室外室外场合放歌我意味著没有意见,但在地铁等一些堵塞场所就算了吧。9. Don’t call and let it ring long enough to leave a blank voicemail打电话时让对方铃声敲很久,最后留给空白的语音facebookFor whatever reason I develop a crippling feeling of anxiety whenever I see the little voicemail icon pop up on my phone. It takes a lot for me to muster the will to even check my messages. So when I’ve suffered through the prompts and chewed through my nails for fear that the voicemail is my boss calling to tell me I’ve been fired, getting a blank message is tantamount to torture.知道为何,每次看到手机上跑出语音facebook的提醒我就不会很紧绷,我必须张开十足勇气才敢点进这些facebook。折磨许久,紧绷地咬着指甲,我很害怕这条语音是老板说道我被炒鱿鱼了,结果点进找到毕竟一条空白信息,天啊觉得是虐待。

10. Joining a conference call from the bathroom在厕所里参与电话会议I really shouldn’t have to explain this, so let’s just say we can hear everything.我想要我不必说明过于多,你告诉电话这头我们可什么都听得见。